Spend More Time Snuggling and Less Time Managing

With Launch Paw, we take the hassle out of adoption management. By automating many of the business processes that weigh down shelters and rescues, Launch Paw opens up valuable time and resources – that’s more energy that can be better spent elsewhere. Perhaps a game of fetch? A walk in the park?

Why We Made Pet Adoption Simple

Launch Paw was founded under the simple principle that pet shelters and pet rescues have enough to worry about. We are a team of animal lovers and pet adoption champions – you would often find us volunteering at rescues and shelters or campaigning to support responsible pet adoption. But we kept seeing shelters and rescues struggle under the weight of too many things to do, and not enough staff or resources to make it happen.

That’s when we had an idea: how about creating a super easy, virtually free software for pet rescues and shelters to use, which would allow them to streamline efficiency and boost cost savings. We knew it had to be very user-friendly and customizable on-the-fly. No two shelters or rescues are ever the same, so we created the simplest pet adoption software that could address the individual needs of each.

What’s this done for organizations across the country? For one, productivity and adoptions have gone up. Launch Paw has also created a community of animal adoption organizations that can now share best practices, learn from success stories, and grow through family education and support.

Get Started with Launch Paw

Sign up for a free account and start simplifying your pet adoption process today. If you ever have any questions or need support, we’re here to help! Just give us a shout and one of our pet adoption software specialists will guide you through it. That’s something to wag about!