Have you ever wondered what breeds’ your mutt is a mix of? Find out how!


The rewards of pet adoption are immeasurable, and when choosing a dog, you'll look at their size, disposition, playfulness, and that undeniable connection that you have with them. And while you may notice the extra-perkiness of their ears or their long locks, it can be tough to identify exactly what mix of mutt you have. Here are a few tips to help you identify your dog’s breed a little better.

Look at pictures of the different dog breeds

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What You Need to Know About Fostering a Pet


Many animal rescues depend on foster families to keep their pets safe and well cared for while they wait for their forever homes. Volunteering as a pet foster parent is a great way to assist your local rescue. If you’ve ever considered fostering a cat, dog, or other animal, here are some things to help make your decision easier.

Who needs the most help?

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How to Properly Introduce Your Pet to Other Furry Members of the Family


Adopting a new four-legged friend into your family is such a heart-warming and exciting time. But, if you have other furry members in your home already, you may find they don’t share your enthusiasm quite as much in the beginning. 

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The Many Rewards of Adopting an Older Pet


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Springtime is when animal shelters begin to see an influx of kittens and puppies, so it’s a great time of year for people looking to adopt a young cat or dog. However, older pets are in need all year long, and they can become some of the most loving companions.

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More Than Just Cats & Dogs: Other Animals In Need of Help


Dogs and cats aren’t the only pets that need forever homes. There are rescues out there working to find families for just about every type of animal you can imagine.

If you’re ready to think outside the box and bring home a small pet or exotic animal, here are some creatures you may want to consider rescuing.

Small pets in need of adoption

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5 Ways to Help Homeless Pets – When Your Home is Full


You have as many pets as your home can handle, but every time you see a homeless dog or cat online, you’re tempted to make room for just one more. We know the feeling!

Fortunately, there are many ways people can help shelter pets without adopting every single one. Here are some great ways to help out, even if your home is full.

1. Donate supplies to your local shelter.

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