Q.1 What are the advantages of using web-based software versus software I load onto my local computers?

Ans. The advantages of using a Web-based software are; One, software that is installed locally or "in-house" requires hardware and software. Hardware costs include a file server, data back-up device, network cabling and back-ups Uninterrupted power supply. Additional software costs include network software, database software, operating system software, firewall software and data back-up software. With our web-based application, an affiliate organization has no hardware and software costs. Launch Paw provides the necessary server, data backup, backup power supply and security hardware and software required to effectively manage an organization's data. Two, web-based software is available anywhere a computer and an Internet access exists. This allows for teams that do not work at the same location or need to access data during an off-site adoption event.

Q.2 How secure is my data?

Ans. Launch Paw utilizes a mirrored plan utilizing two separate secure Data Centers facilities located Maryland & Ohio. Launch Paw Data centers are state of the art which ensures your data will always be available by providing power and Internet access capabilities. Data is backed-up daily and stored at a third off-site location in order to safeguard against unforeseen events. Encrypted passwords and advanced firewall technology, consistent with financial services companies, are used to prevent unauthorized access to your organization's data.

Q.3 Who owns the data and images our organization enters into Launch Paw?

Ans. Your organization owns all data and images and may share the information with anyone your organization authorizes. Launch Paw has an automatic data transfer for advertising your adoptable animals to sites you are working with. Launch Paw can easily transfer adoptable animal data and images to other Internet sites.

Q.4 Will data acquired through our organization be sold, exchanged, bartered to outside companies or individuals?

Ans. The simple answer is No. We are not bound to any other company for our livelihood. This means we are not in a position to give your information in any form to anyone.

Q.5 What type of setup do I need at my facility, and I have volunteers that work from home. Will they need any additional equipment to access the services?

Ans. All your organization and volunteers working from their homes will need is a computer equipped with a browser of their choice, and a high-speed connection to the Internet. Our system was designed to support a single login (multiple use) to a full blown user management with roles based.

Q.6 What type of support is available for Launch Paw?

Ans. Launch Paw has support personnel available from 8AM EDT to 10PM EDT, 7 days a week.

Q.7 What will Launch Paw cost?

Ans. There are no fees associated with Launch Paw that are direct to our affiliate animal organizations. No Hidden fees! No installation fee! No monthly or annual service or licensing fees! Any U.S. or Canadian animal welfare organization can use Launch Paw free of charge by doing… Nothing, just enroll and get started. The cost are passed on to the adopting families by including them in the adoption fee. This is all done within the affiliate dashboard under animal classifications (animal types dog, cat, puppy, kitten, small, medium, large, etc. These classifications are dynamic and can be changed at any time for whatever reason.

Q.8 How does Launch Paw differ from other shelter software programs?

Ans. We incorporated a system that allows you the affiliate organization to continue doing business as you do. Our system allows for you to automate your adoption application and store it in your secure cloud based system. We have many additional features that are all optional so an affiliate can choose to take advantage of them or not This allows you to maintain your present methodology and processes, while helping the whole by sharing information through our information share forum, Multi Adopt alert, Preferred Adopter program to name a few.

Q.9 Do I need high-speed (broadband) internet access to use Launch Paw?

Ans. Any normal internet service of today will be sufficient to use Launch Paw services, even mobile devices!

Q.10 Do you have a way to help us with the foster families and be able to track which animal is with which family?

Ans. Great question, and the answer is yes! We have a foster care tab in our animal information system. It allows you to track which foster family has an animal in your care, when they received the animal to foster, and when they either returned the animal, or the animal was adopted.

Call us today at (571) 206-3520 and we’ll get you started! Our staff can answer any additional questions and get you enrolled today. No commitment with Launch Paw, if at anytime you are unsatisfied with the services you can export all your data (it’s yours) and walk away. It is that easy.