Getting Started with Launch Paw

Launch Paw offers a simplified and assisted setup process. Our software is accessed from a secure dashboard that encrypts and protects all sensitive or proprietary information. Here are the steps to getting started – even better, we can help you at each step along the way!

Import all current animal information, like age and stats
Upload photos and videos of the pets at rest or at play
Create a customized online adoption form that intakes all your required information
Define the cost to adopt each pet and any associated fees
Automatically upload to Adopt-a-Pet and Petfinder
Upload your logo to personalize your account and platform
Optional: Input banking information for automated, secure direct deposits
Switch your old adoption links to your new, customized online adoption software

Pet Adoption Just Got Easier

We simplify the steps to get more of your animals adopted, faster. Here’s how the typical pet adoption process flows:

  1. Applicants see your animals across multiple adoption sites
  2. If interested in a pet, they will click through to your branded page
  3. Applicants will then complete your custom online application
  4. When complete, you’ll be notified that a new application is ready for review
  5. Review the applicant and add notes or photos as needed
  6. Approve or reject the applicant, and attach contracts for easy execution
  7. Automatically record and store all application review information
  8. Adoption listings across the network are automatically updated each night

Adoption and Animal Management All in One!

Launch Paw is your complete suite of animal management software, from importing pet information like medical records and foster care, to tracking expenses and advertising your listed pets. Get started with a demo or sign up for free today!